With summer fast approaching, Youth Camps and Programs are gearing up for a combination of virtual and in-person programming. Wellness and safety extends past the school year and into all Program Director portfolios, ensuring that the kids in their care are protected, thriving and engaged. CampDirector from Reach helps promote an environment of safety and accountability within all types of programs. From COVID-19 Daily Screening to Event Planning through to bedtime check-in, CampDirector coordinates these activities for counsellors and managers alike.

Accountability is no longer simply a word used in just taking attendance. Sure, it is important to account for each students’ whereabouts, but there is greater involvement from adults that is required to truly be accountable. Accountability for safety, for staff, for health and wellness, for quality of programming, for knowing where students and staff are located, for recording notes and concerns, for retelling the tales and experiences… all fall within the scope of running Youth Programming. This list is exhaustive, and programs need a system that helps deliver on this accountability. Look to CampDirector to manage every aspect of Camp Life, all from the touch of a phone or a computer.