As programming managers start to coordinate and organize for Summer ’21, the complications of COVID-19 protocols weighs on the logistics of running any sort of programming for youth around the world. Because of the work done by schools/colleges over the last 12 months, much has been learned about creating protocols that set a high standard for student safety. These measures must include Daily Symptom Checks of both participant and staff, a Contact Trace Solution and a real understanding of who is where, when.
CampDirector provides tools for programs to survey kids and staff to ensure they are symptom free. 

CampDirector even provides a Dashboard of results so you can stay on top of any concerns. Students/Staff will also have a ‘COVID’ card that will show any daily concerns upon quick glance. Successful plans for COVID safety ultimately include a contact trace tool that is easy and manageable for staff and kids to use. Utilizing the latest in QR Code / Near Field Communication (NFC), participants can easily indicate their locations to program directors. These locations can then be run through an algorithm to indicate close contact should there be a positive case. The SISO (sign in/sign out) function in CampDirector allows for reports to be run and data analysis to happen to demonstrate the ‘comings’ and ‘goings’ of people in your program. A vital tool for COVID-19 protocols, but we also believe it is simply best practice to know who is where.